A Few Snaps From Koh Chang


Finally, some photographs of the beautiful island of Koh Chang; it has taken a while, mainly because I have intermittent internet connectivity here, which is so tiresome; it can be very stressful, you know, all this traveling, laying on the beach and swimming…….pass the Prozac!

I have had to seriously resize my photographs to post them to the blog, hopefully the quality will not suffer too much from the compression.


Hey Pang……… thanks for your comment, I hope that it is not too cold in St Margarets and that you have got the heating on in the Thai Pin restaurant (give my love to everyone there please)………………….a few more photos to make you miss home!

These first 2 shots are of the first Hotel that I stayed in, called Banpu Koh Chang; I have now moved after 5 days to Hotel Chang Buri (see below) at Sai Kao beach

I rented a scooter for a few days to take a look around the island; the next few shots were taken at places I stopped at.


I eventually arrived at this amazing fishing village called Bang Bao, on the southernmost tip of the island; it is built on a pier jutting out into the sea for more than half a kilometre; it is an entire community living on a pier with lots of shops and restaurants, you can even rent a room there…………..the walkway is quite narrow in places, but the locals ride their scooters and bikes along it and it even has its own lighthouse

The Thai people have a wonderful sense of aesthetics that can be witnessed wherever you look, even on the bow of a fishing boat!

Rooms for rent……….above and below…………..

The next 3 shots were taken at “Lonely beach” on the south west of the island; a beautiful tranquil beach, I will try and rent a room there if I come back to Koh Chang (which is most likely to happen)


This is Benoit and Virginie, a lovely couple that I met on the bus from Bangkok to Koh Chang………….they are from Nice and fairly obviously French;  we have been spending quite a lot of time together and we meet for diner every evening; their command of my native tongue is of a similar standard to my French, so our communications with each other have provided much humour and fantastic misunderstandings; they have been great company and tomorrow we are planning a boat trip together!

Mad Englishman choosing his tiger prawns……………..


I gave the room maid 100 bhat (circa £1.00) on the first day; the next day I had enough soap and shampoo in the bathroom to last me the rest of my trip, and my clean towels were delivered in the artistic format seen below

That’s about it for now………..hope that everyone is in fine fettle………….

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