Responding to chums

Hi Liz

Thanks for your comment, and yes, I’m on the island of Koh Chang, in a lovely small beachside hotel; I am just trying to plan a sea-kayaking trip on the other side of the island, so will hopefully post some news and info on the blog in the next few days.


Wally, thank you also for your comment; you will hate me for this, but no matter, Pricey and Curly will love me for it…………….I must point out that you omitted the 1st letter “c” from your spelling of “acquiescence” you compounded the error with an incorrect preceding article, using a, instead of an,………….words starting with a vowel (that sound like that vowel) use an, as the preceding article; tricky at times, I’ll admit, union for instance, although starting with a vowel is pronounced with a “y” sound, which is a consonant sound and so uses a, as the preceding article…………better grammar in this particular instance would have been “a period of acquiescence”………….I’m sure it was just a lapse of concentration on your part, but it is an unforgiving world, the internet, as soon as you press send, or enter, you are doomed……………and remember that I can be as smart-arsed as I like to you and you cannot reciprocate; I have complete editorial control over this blog, so any unwanted or unsavory comments will end up on the cutting room floor and will not be posted…Ciao !

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