River Sal Cruise


In-between Christmas and the new year, I took a boat trip with some good friends; the trip started about a mile upstream from the estuary of the river Sal and took us down through the estuary and out onto the Arabian sea in search of dolphins………..about a mile out from the coast we started to see many dolphins, although I failed to get a decent photo of any of them.


The boat then turned and headed back up the river for a few miles, and as it did so, the view slowly changed form a menagerie of fishing boats and other vessels, either moored or going about their business on the river, to the upstream tranquility of lush riverside vegetation and abundant birdlife…………my recent and extravagant investment in a pair of Leica compact binoculars finally paying dividend……..


We had left the mooring a little before 10am, and at about 1.00pm we dropped anchor for lunch; I must say that the lunch was excellent, they produced 2 huge kingfish, that were cut in to steaks and grilled with garlic butter and lemon, this was preceded by a starter of king prawns cooked in the same way and they were really tender and succulent………..all drinks were included in the price of the ticket (about £10.00) and they were more than generous with them; I only had a couple of small beers, having developed a real aversion to drinking alcohol during the day, and I had ridden my scooter down to the starting point and had to ride it back some 10 kilometers when the trip finished at about 3.30pm…………a most enjoyable day, spent in really good company; my friends Clive and Lynda (who I have been to stay with in their lovely house near Perpignan) were on board, with their daughter Claire and her husband Russ who were visiting from Australia……..also my good friend Marie-Laure and her sister Marie- Jo and her husband Alan, who all live near Marseilles and have kindly invited me to stay with them next summer…………..

Just about to set off……………from the left…….Alan (husband of Marie-Jo) Clive, Lynda, Russ and Claire









The 2  lunchtime Kingfish

Just dropped anchor for lunch

My good friends from France………Marie-Laure (centre) her sister Marie-Jo (right) and on the left their friend Lile (from Norway)


Upstream panorama at lunchtime


The old ferry across the Sal which I have used many times when riding to the southern beaches of Agonda and Palolem…………a new bridge is now under construction that will render the ferry redundant………….but this being India, the jobs of the 4 or 5 men that operate it are probably safe beyond their lifetime expectancy………….


I have had a great deal of trouble uploading this post, so I am not sure if all photos have uploaded successfully or if any have been inserted more than once…………apologies from the editing director for any errors…







5 thoughts on “River Sal Cruise

  1. Hi, you all seem to be having a good time! It reminds me of one of the first Duran Duran pop videos! ( the last photo) Carry on enjoying yourselves xx

  2. Hiya you old salty sea dog. Great pictures. We have had a couple of great trips on the Sal – want to do the bird watching one again this year. See you next week. Will ring when we are settled. xx

  3. Nice trip with your friends.
    Beautiful place i like.
    They have big smile.
    Have a great day with them.