The  narrow bridge in question provides a very convenient short cut for me on the ride from my condo to the main part of Cha-Am; it is only wide enough for pedestrians, bicycles and small motorbikes / scooters, and I have crossed it hundreds of times.

Last Monday evening, returning from dinner, as I rode onto the bridge, an unseen wet patch caused the front wheel of my rented scooter to slide sideways, crashing the right handlebar against the side of the bridge. I did not fall off, but my right hand got in the way of the altercation between the handlebar and the bridge………. ouch ouch and friggin ouch………

It was 11pm so I rode home, wrapped an old tea-towel around my hand and went to sleep. When I examined my hand the next morning, I realised that the steri-strip’s and plasters that I had in my first-aid kit were not going to be much use; so I rode (back across the bridge) to the little hospital in Cha-am, where a lovely young nurse sewed my little finger back together with 13 stitches, and put 4 stitches in the next finger……….. they were the only parts of my hand to be damaged.

I have been returning every day to the hospital to have the wounds cleaned and the dressings changed, and tomorrow they will remove the stitches if they are sufficiently happy with the healing process.

I must say that the service has been excellent, and although I have been stitched-up, it has only been literally and certainly not metaphorically; the first days treatment cost 775 Baht (about £15.50) which included the stitches, a course of antibiotics, a pack of pain killers and lots of smiles and laughter from the lovely young nurses……….. and wound cleaning and dressing changing has been 140 Baht (£2.80) per day.

Determined not to give my mishap more than a frowning hour, and searching for a silver lining, as you really have to at such times, I found a wonderful fruit stall on my way back from the hospital that I was unaware of before; I now stop there everyday for my Papaya’s, Mango’s, Bananas et al………. and you know, one of the things I really love about this wonderful country, they (most of them) don’t try and charge you a Johnny foreigner price, they are just happy to serve you and are pleased that you want to buy their lovely fruits………


Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 09.07.27

Above and below……….. the offending bridge……………..

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 09.07.42


Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 09.06.27

Above and below………. ouch (^*^)

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 09.06.49



Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 09.07.04


Above……… it was my little finger that bore the brunt of the unprovoked attack from the bridge……………fortunately I will not be taking tea at the Ritz in the near future !!

And below, from my new fruit supplier, a lovely papaya, 2 succulent mango’s and a bunch of sweet bananas…….. 85 Baht (£1.70)  ………  happy days (^∆*)


Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 09.08.45


  1. Enough with the photos. I would say the gods are smiling on you, it bears thinking about how much worse it could have been and how lucky you were. The upside is the cost (in baht), remarkable. You will be able to afford that face lift you always wanted.
    Be careful out there in more ways than one.

    • Thanks Wally……. and I agree, it could have been a lot worse; I can remember trying to think that at the time, but it offered little comfort, although it has raised my spirits retrospectively………as for the face lift, no longer needed; I find myself smiling rather a lot and that seems to have done the trick (*∆^)

  2. All sounds a bit dodge city to me
    11pm…a bit late for you?
    Wet road….caught in the local juicer sheltering from the rain?
    A few unanswered questions?