The Colours Of Goa


Back on the beach……………….

Well, I have settled into a fairly predictable routine here in Goa, going to the beach most days, taking a papaya salad on my sun-bed for breakfast, swimming, reading, strolling sedately for miles along the golden sand, feet splashing through the sparkling surf of the Arabian sea…………. and other monumentally strenuous activities


It’s been good to spend some time with Nick and Teresa again and their friends Mal and Linda, who arrived the day before them………so I am looking forward to another Christmas day and new years eve on the beach; also looking forward to meeting up with Pledge (Keith Pledger) and heading down to Cochin, in Kerala, for the one day cricket match in January. I have been closely following the exploits of the English cricket team on their winter tour to the subcontinent and they are playing really well having just won the 3rd test match in Calcutta to go 2-1 up with one match to play.


When I turned on my laptop for the first day’s play in Calcutta, I was initially surprised to discover that they had started play at 9.00am rather than at 10.45 or 11.00 which would be the normal starting time; in an attempt to apply some logic to the issue, I concluded that Calcutta, given its lack of geographical proximity to India’s west coast, must be in a different time zone………………..but this is India, and I discovered that the whole country adheres to IST (Indian standard time)…………. This vast  country’s east–west distance of more than 2,000 km covers over 28 degrees of longitude, resulting in the sun rising and setting almost two hours earlier on India’s eastern border than in its far western extremities; Inhabitants of the north-eastern states have to advance their clocks with the early sunrise to avoid the extra consumption of energy after daylight hours.


Other countries of such land mass volume, America and Australia being good examples, have designated time-zones across their east-west expanse, but despite many research teams in the last 30 years recommending separating the country into two or even three time zones, the Indian government have steadfastly refused to adopt this simple and  logical system, preferring  instead to waste incalculable amounts of (precious electrical) power, lighting its eastern zone as it slips into darkness some two hours prematurely ………….this is really bonkers…………..this is India!


It brought to mind a quotation from an old north American Indian Chief, I cannot for the moment remember which one, but when the reason for daylight saving was explained to him, he responded saying “Only a government would think that you can cut a foot off of the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom of the blanket and have a longer blanket”



Back to cricket; I notice that ex Australian captain Ricky “Punter” Ponting has retired from international cricket; his record stands as testament to his talent as one of the finest batsman of his generation, with only Sachin Tendalker having scored more runs than him in test match history …………I was disappointed to see that he did not bow out in his final test match with one of those belligerent hundreds that were the hall-mark of his brilliant career; a feisty character, he was a  fiercely competitive adversary, but a man that always played the game in the right spirit; he knew how to win with humility and how to lose with dignity, a great captain and a genuinely good bloke who wore the “Baggy green” with immense passion …………..  mud in yer eye Punter








This is Sila, she is a “Lamani” from the state of Karnataka…………..I have known her for about 6 years and she travels to Goa every winter to sell sarongs and jewellery on the beach







Home delivery service not yet available……………..





Out beyond the western squalls, in an Indian land, They work for nothing at all, They don’t know the mall, Or the layaway plan, Dig yourself a beautiful grave, Everything you could want, Maybe those invisible slaves, Are too far away for a ghost to haunt……….James Mercer (The Shins)









I am looking forward to attending Agnelo’s wedding tomorrow at the huge church in Varca; and he has invited me to the family home this evening to celebrate his last family meal as a single man!


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  1. Love the yellow flag, maybe every hospital over here should have one! ( it wouldn’t do any harm!)