P.S. to Koh Chang

The weather in Koh Chang has been for the most part sunny and warm, although there have been several of those one hour cloud-bursting downpours, that are endemic of this regions geographical location; where I am at Hat Sai Khao the beach has a backdrop of  tree clad mountains that rise steeply only a few hundred meters behind the shoreline, hiding any changing weather patterns coming from the east. I rented a kayak out this afternoon, and I was out in the middle of the bay about 500 meters from shore when huge black clouds tumbled over the mountains and preceded to empty their contents into the bay; It was an open kayak and I was only wearing swimming shorts, so I could enjoy being drenched and watching in amazement at the sea, which suddenly became becalmed and completely flat, as innumerable huge raindrops bounced off its surface.


When I got back to shore it was still battering down, and people had taken refuge under the canopy of a beachside bar; the tiled floor was suddenly awash with water, which did not bother most people because they were in the main, barefooted; but the waiters, five of them in all, were, to a man, wearing black leather winkle pickers or chisel toed shoes; in unison, to keep their prized footwear dry, they started to walk on the heels of their shoes, providing their bemused audience with a truly comical display; it was one of those impromptu performances that you felt privileged to witness, like a kind of drunken robotic ballet………….god bless the rain!


My 100 bhat tip to the maid was obviously bordering on the excessive;  I now have enough toilet paper to endure several bouts of dysentery and my clean towels (that I didn’t really need) were left in another guise……………..see below

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    • Hi Nick………….hi Tre
      Yes, I arrived here yesterday morning after a rather convoluted journey from Bangkok, via Mumbai…………I walked down to Castello’s this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find Manos still there; he sends you his best wishes, and, like myself, is looking forward to seeing you both here in a couple of weeks time………….please don’t bring any of that appalling northern weather with you ! ! ! 🙂