Hoi An

I am in the ancient port town of Hoi An, which dates back to the fifteenth century as a trading port; located on the south central costal region, it has an historic bustling centre located around the port and river, and several decent beaches a short ride away……….

Snells leaves here tomorrow to fly to Nah Trang and I will be staying here for one more day before travelling north to the old imperial capital, Hue.

I have been riding around on my rented scooter quite a lot and I have developed a technique of using my compact camera while riding; not as easy as it sounds, I can assure you………….compact cameras are easy enough to use one handed, sure thing, but it needs to be your right hand, which is the hand you need for the throttle twist on the scooter, but you see so many amazing sights when you are riding around that you need to be ready to snap…………..

I followed this guy for a few miles, trying to see if the bikes on the back of his scoot were secured……….I’m still not sure………..

I saw this moving as I approached it from behind, without anyone in the saddle, magic I thought, but no……..this road has a slight gradient which was obviously a tad too much for peddle power, the “rider” was at the front, pulling it along by a rope and harness………..

Above and below, Vintage motorcycles and sidecars that this hotel uses to ferry guests around………great stuff

The two lads on the beach………………..

Loading one of the many boats that ferry people, bikes and scooters across the river….

Above and below, I went to the market, that bursts into life every morning along  the riverside, with stalls selling all kinds of fresh produce………wonderful colours, and the sounds of shouting and cackling as food and money changes hands……….

4 thoughts on “Hoi An

  1. Hi! You are keeping your blog up to date! It looks a very busy place!
    Like the boys on the beach!!
    Now that you are off on your next leg of your journey on your own, take these words with you!
    ‘Only by going alone in silence,without baggage,can one truly get into the heart
    Of the wilderness.All other travel is mere dust and hotels and baggage and chatter” – John Muir.
    Enjoy yourself and take care, lots of love x

    • Thanks Liz………….I don’t mind the going alone in silence bit, but I think I’ll keep my minimal amount of baggage with me………..

  2. Some lovely photos Al, We both really enjoyed Hoi An. I’m sure you will enjoy Hue as well. It was raining well actually it hissed down while we were there so didn’t get to see it at its best. Safe journey. L and M x

  3. Thanks Linda……….yes, the weather can be mighty unpredictable all along this huge coastline, I’ve endured a couple of cloud-bursting downpours already, and Hoi An was under a foot of water about a week before I got here, although you would never have guessed, they have mopped it up brilliantly………..