Back in Bangkok

I arrived back in Bangkok on Monday after the ferry crossing to the mainland and the minibus ride; I am staying at the Amari Boulevard this time and not the Amari Watergate, it is not such a nice hotel but the Watergate only had suites for £160 per night, so the Boulevard is quite acceptable for £50 per night……………

Above and below, the ferry terminal on Koh Chang



It is the safest that I have ever felt on a ferry crossing; there were 100 or more Buddhist monks on board

We stopped at this amazing shop on the way to Bangkok, selling a remarkable array of dried foodstuff; mostly creatures from the sea……………



Above and below, the swimming pool on the sixth floor of the Amari Boulevard………..


Pile it high…………..sell it cheap

Mounted policeman, a rare sight indeed………..

Vespa, that must have been imported from England at sometime, looks like a Mark 1 GS………nobody in Thailand would have gone to the expense of having the side panels, front mudguard and headlight surround chromed……..this belonged to a “Mod”at some stage in it’s early life !!

Breakfast at the Amari Boulevard is not included in my booking and costs about £12.00, so I have been bringing breakfast back to my room from one of the street stalls at the cost of 30 bhat (50 to the £)

This afternoon I fly from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) where I will meet up with Snells who arrives on Saturday………….

2 thoughts on “Back in Bangkok

  1. Hope you are recycling those plastic breakfast bags! Enjoy your time with nephew!

    • Thanks Liz, he arrives here in HCMC tomorrow evening, and then on Monday we go to the island of Phu Quoc; I’m just trying to organise a couple of cheap flights there, otherwise it’s a very long bus ride and then a 3 hour ferry…