Nakhon Pathom to Isleworth

Just a little add-on to the time that Gordon and I spent drooling nostalgically over the immaculate London Routemaster at the car museum in Nakhon  Pathom: we recalled those halcyon days when we were able to jump on and off of the open platform of  a moving bus, and I have subsequently been remembering, with great affection, the 37 bus route from Hounslow bus garage to Peckham Rye…………….


this route is still operational, but for many years now it has been operated by a single decker bus and renamed the H37………..without a geographical knowledge of Isleworth, this entry looses some significance (if it ever had any)………….but anyhow, the H37 leaves Hounslow bus garage and when it gets to Isleworth it turns right into St Johns Road on its way towards Richmond; however, its predecessor, the 37 bus, was a double-decker, and as such was unable to get underneath the brick built railway bridge in St Johns Road, so it circumnavigated the bridge by going past the top of St Johns Road and turning right into Linkfield Road, then first right again into Loring Road and then left again back into St Johns road………..

Prior to the arrival of my first Vespa on my sixteenth birthday, I was a frequent traveller on the 37, and living at No 5 Linkfield Road meant that a bus stop was unnecessary; every Sunday morning (post Sunday-school days) I would stand on the corner of Linkfield and Loring, wearing the cream ice skating cardigan decorated with green fir trees, that my mum had proudly knitted for me, ice hockey boots slung around my neck, waiting to leap onto the platform of the 37 as it slowed to make the turn into Loring road………. the driver would always try to take the corner too fast for me, but it was a futile effort, and the conductress would always wag an admonishing finger at me…….five bob in my pocket (25p)  more than enough for the return fare to Richmond, the entrance fee to Richmond Ice-rink and a mug of oxo…………….

What was that line from Dire Straits ?

“My conductress on the number nineteen,

she was a honey,

pink toenails and,

hands all dirty from the money”……………..


apologies, for this meaningless entry, but it’s the kind of thing you do when you spend hours lying beneath a parasol gazing out over the gulf of Thailand, with a cheap Thai notebook and an expensive German “Staedtler” pencil on the table next to your sun-bed…………..waiting for your next iced watermelon juice ??

Oh, and I have just remembered that those of you in Europe have turned your clocks back by an hour at the weekend, signaling the onslaught of daylight deprivation, windscreen-scraping, yuppie flu, SAD and many other winter ailments………enjoy !!


2 thoughts on “Nakhon Pathom to Isleworth

  1. Lucky you, will follow with interest and somewhat jealously. Enjoy..why wouldn’t you.

    • Thanks Mal………Linda….nice to know that you’re tuning in; I’ll try not to make you too envious, but I probably won’t try very hard (*_*)