Bangkok to Koh Chang

I arrived here on the island of Koh Chang on Thursday (24th Oct) after a 7 hour journey from Bangkok; I took the minibus option from Ekkami bus station for 300 Bhat (£6.00)…….the service runs 1 minibus every 2 hours starting at 06.00, I was told that you can just tip up on the day and get a ticket, but you are told many things inThailand that transpire to have a lack of affinity with the factual, this, coupled with each minibus having a maximum capacity of 9 people, prompted me to go to the bus station the day before and “reserve” a ticket for the 8am service the next day; you pay for the ticket and receive a receipt that you hand in the next morning in exchange for the ticket……………


This method of transport is not for anyone of a nervous disposition, I had read advanced warnings of the speed and recklessness at which the drivers on this route propel these vehicles down the southbound highways and byways; the warnings are not without foundation, the driver on my trip showed a contemptuous disregard for any traffic regulations………overtaking, undertaking, tailgating, ignoring red traffic signals, albeit with a modicum of caution………….several times he drove into lay-byes to undertake, not, I hasten to add, a line of stationary traffic, but traffic traveling at 50kph;


Within the first half an hour, he had committed enough traffic violations to have incurred a custodial sentence in most European countries, but somewhat paradoxically, I did not feel unsafe with his driving, anyone that drives quickly themselves, as I do, will maybe understand this seemingly contradictory statement, but he had good control of the vehicle and his concentration was intense………………nonetheless, the tranquillity of the ferry ride on a beautiful calm turquoise sea, beneath a bright blue sky was a welcome relief…………..


I am staying at the Chang Buri hotel where I spent a few days last winter, it has a great swimming pool, and more importantly, a large wooden sun-deck with direct access into the sea………nice large rooms with balcony, air-con, minibar, tea making facilities and a safe………it is in a great location with numerous  really good cheap restaurants and bars in close proximity, and at £32 per night is pretty good value…………




I spent most of this morning watching this single handed fisherman as he circled the bay looking for shoals of fish……….he would then wind down the large net in front of the boat  from the wheelhouse that also serves as an observation tower; then, as the boat moved slowly forward he would start to winch up the net and his catch………..magic !!








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