Koh Chang

Koh Chang, was the first island that I visited in Thailand last winter, and my decision to return this winter felt vindicated even as the boat that I was on started to approach the small ferry terminal. Seeing the small  mountains covered in lush verdant vegetation rising steeply from the sea reminded me immediately of how they serve as a backdrop to most of the lovely beaches on the island. It is a destination that I unhesitatingly recommend to anyone; enough commercialism has been embraced to insure a decent number of competitively priced bars and restaurants, whilst retaining a sense of being away-from-it-all.


Most of the islands in Thailand enjoy the prefix Koh, understandable when you realise that Koh means island, and in the case of this beautiful island Chang means elephant……….so, Koh Chang…. Elephant Island, named so, I believe, because of the shape of the island and not because jumbos are indigenous to the island


Koh Chang is the second largest island in Thailand, but remains relatively unspoiled, I say relatively because as we all know, corporate greed accommodated by  weak and corrupt governments is doing its best to spoil most places of natural beauty, but that’s another story and we won’t go there (just yet)


The huge advantage that is enjoyed by Koh Chang is, that, unlike islands such as Phuket and Koh Samui it does not have an airport………and therefore it has no appeal to the companies that operate package holidays. To get to Koh Chang from Europe, you need to fly to Bangkok and then take a 5 hour bus or minibus to the ferry terminal, then take the ferry and then a taxi ride to your accommodation on the island………..or a flight to Bangkok then a flight to Trat, followed by a taxi to the ferry terminal etc……….even with flawless connections, you would be looking at a 20 hour journey, which is prohibitive to normal package holidays; so, I hope upon hope that they never build an airport here


I hired a scooter again today and took a ride to the south of the island………..to Tranquillity bay and a few of the small beaches nearby